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The chronology of faith

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How do we believe?


Is it chronological or are the elements of faith misplaced and anachronistic?


I understand that :-


a) Firstly we conceive an identity of belief in some entity real or otherwise


b) Then we visualize this entity within our 4 dimensions of space and time (because that is as far as our imagination can stretch)


c) Then we affirm this belief through more visual demonstrations of the same like symbols, habiliments etc.


d) Then we aggregate with other similar individuals who think along the same lines


e) Then we reaffirm our identity (which by now has transformed from individual to collective).


f) Then we seek justification of our thought process.


I am not trying to accept or reject any faith.


I am simply trying to identify how faith, if it does indeed, evolve.


Please express your thoughts on the same.

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I think faith starts with accepting explanations that are beyond your comprehension. If your faith remains intact as your comprehension grows to encompass those things you didn't understand before, you may gain some comfort that you've chosen a deity that can protect/nurture/ensure your longevity beyond what an unbeliever can expect.


After you get used to the idea of believing strongly in something you can't directly observe, I would imagine one falls victim to the Sunk Cost Fallacy, where the more you invest in this belief, the less likely you are to give it up no matter what else happens.


Faith and confirmation bias are sort of symbiotic. If you're looking for an answer why Cousin Sally is on death's doorstep, your faith works equally well whether Sally is miraculously cured or God decides to take her to be with him.

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