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Need help for homework boyle's law, charles' law and gay-lussac's law.


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please answer,show me how you got it and teach me how to get it
for boyle's law

a. p1=2.5atm , v1=1.5L , p2=3.8atm , v2=?
b. p1=2.0atm , v2=350mL , p2=750mmHg v2=?
c. p1=75mmHg , v2=9.1 mL p2=? , v2=890mL

Charles' Law

a. v1=10.0mL , t1=210k , v2=? , t2=450k
b. v1=255mL , t1=55*c , v2=? , t2=150k
c. v1=13L , t1= -150*c , v2=52L , t2=?


a. p1=1.74atm , t1=120*c , p2=? , t2=20*c
b. p1=220mmHg , t1=150*c , p2=? , t2=300k
c. p1=0.75atm , t1=198*c , p2=220mmHg t2=?



it's not really homework just examples i saw in the book

as i need to prepare for a quiz tomorrow morning.

when this was discussed i was absent that's why


not sure if i am violating anything but might as well try

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Telling answers is against rules here.


You don't seem to know what Boyle's or Charle's law mean. How about finding out them first. You will find the questions to be ridiculous once you understand the law . These are 'plug and chug' type.

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