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Rieman Hypothesis


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I have a question. Why do we need the rieman function? computers seem to easily be able to compute the distribution of primes accurately. What would be the point in proving or disproving math about primes that may not necessarily be true. When there is already an alternate way of doing so using computers. Ps I dont think I had an account created here before but apparently I did.

See apparently a lie was going around about prime numbers and internet security but prime numbers have nothing to do with internet security no bank uses prime numbers in their encryption algorithms contrary to the numbers tvshow. So why would computing primes not be completely useless.


@echo off
echo 2
echo 3
echo 2 > primenos.txt
echo 3 >> primenos.txt
set current=3

set tim=3
set /a max=%current%/5

set /a t=%current%/%tim%
set /a u=%t%*%tim%
if %u% EQU %current% goto noprime
set /a tim+=2
if %tim% GTR %max% goto endtry
goto try

echo %current%
echo %current% >> primenos.txt

set /a current+=2
if %current% GTR 100000 goto end
goto numbercalc


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