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My telephone co states I am getting thirty bhps at the house box but when I get the icon computer online connection speed it's, nineteen.2 or sixteen.2. Now they tell me its windows xp. what must I do to get the thirty bhps d/l online? My modem is 115000 something and I have 1ghz.384mb of ram and a Intel pentium 111. Paul :confused:

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Get a cable modem?


Lol, at first I thought you were making some joke about a 'Pentium 111,' now I realize you probably meant III, as in 3.


You do have a hardware modem, and not a stupid winmodem? I would make sure you have all the latest drivers for it.


After that, check the actual phone lines in your house. Make sure the ends aren't loose or anything, and make sure you have a good connection with the wall.

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