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Anti matter vs Black hole = what?


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Mostly we don't know what happens inside a black hole, but even if anti-matter was able to react with some kind of normal-matter singularity, the resulting photons and sub-particles would still be trapped inside the black hole, so it would still get bigger. Negative energy on the other hand as per Hawking radiation would make it shrink, eventually enough to evaporate.

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Hmm, what if the amount of antimatter was so big that enough mass of the blackhole would get annihilated to lower the mass below what would be required for gravitational collapse?

Would the black hole cease to exist because there is now insuficient desinty?


Are there even any theories on this or do scientists just don't bother because so little is known about what happens inside?

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first off Hawking radiation will only occur, when the surrounding black body temperature is less than the black body temperature of the black hole. If the surrounding temperature is higher then the black hole will gain mass. Secondly the time it takes for a black hole to radiate away via Hawking radiation is incredible, however the smaller a black hole is the faster it would radiate, with the exception above.

a one solar mass for a non rotating, uncharged Kerr black hole would take roughly 6.6*1074 seconds to evaporate.


see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawking_radiation


now the other problem is getting the anti- matter into the black hole. anti matter would react with the normal medium of space long before you could get it past the EH. The volume of space is not empty of matter. Also black holes have an accretion disk to contend with. In the accretion disk thermodynamic processes there is also virtual particle matter and antimatter generation. The anti-matter in this process according to this paper can influence the black holes rotation. However is long destroyed before it reaches the EH


http://arxiv.org/abs/1104.5499 :''Black hole Accretion Disk'' -Handy article on accretion disk measurements provides a technical compilation of measurements involving the disk itself.


a black hole that loses enough mass would be more like a whimper than an explosion due to the amount of mass you need to lose before this occurs.

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According to GR black holes conserve the properties of mass, charge and angular momentum. QM considerations also lead to the conservation of other properties such as entropy.

For the OP we can disregard all but mass and charge since the others aren't affected by whether they are matter or anti-matter.

Since mass is always positive and negative mass is a theoretical construct, it is always additive irrespective of matter or anti-matter or even if a particle is its own anti-particle.. Charge on the other hand, can be positive or negative for matter or anti-matter, so it is additive or subtractive like positive and negative numbers.

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What if there was a confinement system shielding the antimatter from space and the accretion disk, but breaking down when inside the black hole (as the forces inside are a lot stronger than outside)?

Yeah, I'm pushing it.

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This is really very simple and as others already has said, matter has positive mass and antimatter also has positive mass, adding them together means that there will be more mass.


One of the fundamental laws of nature is conservation, mass or energy can't suddenly vanish without a trace.


When matter and antimatter annihilate the process creates energy and this energy is of equal value as the total mass annihilated.


Energy also have gravity and the energy from such annihilation have the same amount of gravity as the former mass had.


You can't disintegrate a Black Hole by sending capsules of antimatter into it, it will swallow them and grow as if it where normal matter.

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this question is weird.


first let me explain the event horizon is just "wrapt space" it's not mass nor have any body.

even if the blackhole is 2 lightyears, the distance by event horzon and the sigulariy is just empty space.

second the sigularity is just tiny no matter how "large" the blackhole appears.


only way to srink a blackhole is by time, it loss energy on it's own by hawking radiation.

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