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This Is Killing Me

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Ok look this volcanoe projeect im doing is killing me becuase

1. All the good topics i find cannot be done because my teacher has a "low" budget and can't get the right equipment.


2. Some topics are too "simple" and won't solve any thing like for example the plant life that grows around Kilauea.


3. THE INTERNETS SEARCH ENGINES SUCK LIKE HELL! I cant find a internet site that will tell me the mineral deposites around Kilauea and the elements like magnesium and stuff.


4 The topics i had in mind were taken by other studens.


5. My stress level is rising and my topics due tommorow.... :mad::mad::mad:




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when I was a wee lad in Canada we had to do a similar project on a place name taken at randon out of a hat, the goal was to learn all you possibly could about that place.


my 1`st course of action was to look the place up, make a few phone calls get addresses (hospital, tourist info, local police and fire dept etc...) then write off to them asking for help in a letter with all my questions in it relevent to each I asked.

needless to say, I had bumper loads of mail in return! :)


naturaly being the late 70`s there was no internet, I`de advise you use my method in conjuntion with the net (the net is NOT everything!).


you might be very surprised at the outcome! :))

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