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Imposible Pwave Wifi

Mr Monkeybat

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By using interference patterns Steve Perlman demonstrates that his new company Artemis can create many small cell reception areas called pcells that use the entire bandwidth of the available spectrum for many receivers and the same time.


If you dont have time for a 56 minute lecture here are the shorter videos


But there is not much text on the website and have not found any comprehensive 3rd party articles, so the 56min lecture seems to be the most informative source on the net I have found so far.


So this seems to have implications beyond high bandwidth wifi. If these pcells are only 1cm wide that means in those demonstrations they must be tracking those cell phones position pretty accurately maybe even accurate enough for Mocap animation. And what aplications does this have for radar can these Pcells be used for scanning, could you track someone even if they dont have a cellphone. This may be an interesting technology to watch... or will this technology be watching you :ph34r:

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