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Hello everyone


Let me get straight to the point:


About every morning, we have dozens of grey/dark brownish worms or maggots crawling around on our terrace (blue/grey stone). In the afternoon, they all crawl in the corner of 2 walls, away from sunlight (I guess)... The morning after, they're all dead (they look black and dehydrated and much smaller), but another wave of worms/maggots has arrived :unsure:


And so on...


They are 1-2cm long, look like them on the photo in the link in the post scriptum, but they're not as thick. Deriving from their behavior, I suspect they don't like warmth, for they prefer the cold bluegrey terrace stone and shade.


Temperatures here (Belgium) have been about 15-20°C the last few weeks, we have 2 cats catching almost every day a mouse (which we don't discover instantly; could this be the source?), and there are some birds coming each day eating seeds.


They are, what I'd call, a serious plague and we'd love to know what they are, where they come from, and what we can do against them.








P.S. here's the image


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Are they eating the brown grits or is that maggot feces?


If you have any poison or any thing deadly in that area, they may have died there -- in that location -- and while dieing they release pheromones. The smell of the dieing ones does not tell of the fate one would have should he try to socialize in this obvious smell. So the maggot makes his way thinking there is some sort of maggot orgy. He too winds up in the death throws oozing pheromones.

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