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Name of your favorite scientist


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1. Stephen Hawking - Michio Kaku - Brian Greene


2. Albert Einstein - Brian Cox


3. Carl Sagan


4. Isaac Newton


5. Schrodinger


6. Dr. Sheldon Cooper ( :P) if only he was real lol

Einstein isn't first? Maybe you need a new avatar lol

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My favorite is Galileo by far.

I feel bad for all the others though. It is such a wonderful achievement to offer something to humanity's knowledge. All small contributions are important. Especially thinking that the overall majority does not contribute an inch to knowledge. Not to speak about all those who destroy.

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Well I can't have too many at 1,, and Cox is a great speaker.

Cox is a great presenter of science, I agree, but his influence on science has not been anything like Einstein's. However, the question is about your favorite scientist and your reasons for this choice are perfectly valid.

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