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Judaism, Christianity and Islam, will all people become friends.

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for Christianity, there is no doubt that Jesus declared the message of love , for all people , even your enemies , you must not resist an evil person, if someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. I wonder why he started saying the right cheek, instead of the left cheek, perhaps, a person will hit you in your right cheek with his left hand, and his left hand is weak (for most people), then turn to him the other one , the right cheek, he will hit you with his right hand which is strong, Jesus was trying to say, if someone hits you weakly by his left hand , enable him o hit you strongly , with his right hand, wow , great teachings, anyway, Jesus never asked his followers to kill unbelievers , he himself never hits a person , only when he saw Jews making business , beside the temple, he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple area , but did he hit one by his whip, of course not , what a perfect man!

for Judaism, Jews have not been commanded in the Torah to fight, anywhere , except in the holy land! most Jews believe that they will not return to the holy land by themselves, only when they are being led by the messiah, and we all agree with that , if the messiah came ,Christians or Muslims will do what he says , if he says the Jewish people must return to their holy land we all, Christians and Muslims will leave the holy land for them to enter freely! because both Muslims and Christians believe in the messiah, the Christ, there is no problem here , so we are still friends. On the other hand, The Jewish people subjected a lot of persecution among history, heir temple has been destroyed many times, I am sure that the Jews understand the meaning of persecution , that what made them the most peaceful people in the world.

for Islam, Islam gave both Christians and Jews , a special rank, Islam called them "the people of book" , since they had books ( Gospel, or Torah) before Islam, Islam allows Muslims to marry any daughter of a christian or a Jew , so will I kill my wife because she is unbeliever ! of course not , will I kill my son because his mother is unbeliever , surely not, again will I kill my wife's cousin because he is unbeliever , no, in addition , Muslims are allowed to eat with the people of the book( Christians and Jews) . (it is mentioned in the Quran, to eat their food, particularly meat, not to eat with them, but if you do not eat with them you should buy their food , making business is more dangerous )so by this exact command from Islam , Islam commands Muslims to become friends with the people of the book and eat with them.

The reason ,why there is hatred between Jews, Christians and Muslims, is political issues, a true religious Jew , a true religious christian , a true religious Muslim , all these are friends.

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