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I do not get it...


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The family of people who came from Jews:


1: Jews. Believe in one God. Everyone else believes their book is legit, but the rest believe there are later books too. Jesus isn't in the Hebrew scripture, but most Jews would acknowledge that he was a nice Jewish boy.


2: Christianity. Mainstream Christianity teaches a trinity. While they self identify as monotheistic, other religions consider the "three persons of one God" as polytheism... There are "unitarian" Christians like the Jehovah's witnesses that believe the same bible, but interpret some scriptures differently. Like when they see Jesus saying "the father is greater than I" and 1st corinthians 8:6 saying "there is for us only one God, the Father."... They believe that IInstead of the opposite of that.


3a: Islam believes in the same roots, but as Jesus changed people's understanding of the Hebrew scriptures, muhammad changed the understanding of Jesus. Back to one God, but Jesus was just a prophet, not the son of God. Although they don't famously get along with Jews... -every time- they use the names Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus (and some others), they respectfully say "peace be upon him" (if you ever see "pbuh" in a forum).


3b: Mormons.... Don't believe in Islam, but similarly believe in a new book that redefines the old. They believe in one God for earth, but that all enlightened people can go to heaven and become gods and have out own planets.


And now you know.

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