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When I read about scientific fact that neutrinos change their “mass” with but-strap mode from < 3*10^-6 MeV / C^2 (electron neutrino) in < 30 MeV / C^2 ( for Tau neutrino) I was amazed and wanted to post with label “ Controversy”.
That because, even though I scratched for a long time my lay-man’s head, I didn’t was able to grasp how this can happens.
Everybody understands that to loose energy when you run for long time is not against nature, but to gain energy from thin air in this case is upside down.
So I thought to post in this forum, ( with-out that hated “controversy” label) maybe somebody knowledgeable and good willed may give any clue, how this miracle can happen.

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I think the most popular mechanism suggested is the via the Pontecorvo–Maki–Nakagawa–Sakata matrix. The seesaw mechanism is also important here.

Thanks Ajb. I thank you for giving me the satisfaction that my post is not a gross stupidity. Four scientists have suggested an explanation!
From your replay I see that exists some other suggested mechanism.
I would liked to know “in crude” the suggested ideas of the mechanism that rise about 10^6 times the mass of electron neutrino.
I am a lay-man that because for the lack knowledge of high math, I can’t logic by means of math. So, if it is possible, what is the “seesaw mechanism”, is something I suppose “ give and take’ energy?!
May be one of those, share my naive idea that neutrino is a composed particle from two sub-particles, that play an important role in nuclear theory binding electron with proton in a new particle –neutron.
Even though, in modern physics neutron is supposed to interfere low with mater..

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