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You should be able to change the settings here: http://www.scienceforums.net/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=notifications


Not sure if you can get notifications for people responding to your threads specifically. I suppose if you set it up to notify you for when someone responds to a thread that you follow?

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What is the:

Notification method to use for followed topics daily/weekly digests

Would that be a blog?


And for the Private Messages,All of the boxes were checked off when I got on, and I am not getting notified. I guess I will wait for another one before I jump to any conclusions. I also checked the box that said auto follow threads that I reply to, but there was nothing about auto following a thread that I made, and I find that strange.

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No, that's a daily email that sends you updates on the various sections of SFN that you follow. IIRC, it will give a quick update on new posts in any hot threads or tell you about new threads that have popped up. I liked it when I was a regular member. When I became a mod I got automatically signed up to follow every forum we have and at about 10 am each morning, my phone would spend 5 minutes having a fit while it downloaded the 20 or so SFN daily digest emails. Then we changed software and the SFN Gods relieved me of this burden; I've never looked back since.

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Oh, well now that would be telling.


But seriously, yes. Res Experts have access to all the normal forums plus the top secret Res Experts forum. Moderators have all that, a bunch of staff forums where we discuss plans for world domination and the cheese nip cupboard. There's also a super secret dungeon area that Phi for All created after a staff Christmas party one year, but trust me when I say you do *not* want to know what goes on down there.

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