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cow can i make popcorn with dry corn ???

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ok unsure.pngunsure.pngdoh.gif

i have made popcone post twise because it it applied chem as well as other science so please unlock it please frown.gif



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but i tried and only some poped and other burned



Rajnish, this is not exactly rocket science but I pop a pretty good pan of popcorn so here is how I do it. I take a large pot with a lid. a gas stove works best for me but it can be done on electric as well, cover the bottom of the pan with a layer of "popcorn" one kernel deep, put in as much cooking oil as necessary to not quite cover the kernels heat on moderate flame until the corn begins to pop. Shake the pan back and forth every minute or so until the corn stops popping regularly and take it off the heat. Pour popcorn into a large bowl and melt some butter in the still hot pan, pour butter over corn to taste, mix thoroughly while pouring butter over corn, salt to taste, mix thoroughly again while salting corn, perfect corn every time, it might take some practice but it does work... Oops, make sure you put the lid on once it starts to pop...

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