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DNA analysis can show which medication is best for you???

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Suspect another scam artist "Doctor", advising a friend that with a $3000 DNA "scan", he can tell , based on the dna "results", which pharmaceutical drug anti-depressant is "best" for her daughter. I smell a fish. I hesitated to tell her she is being taken for a ride.


The scam artist came recomended. Unsuspecting, well meaning, hard working classs people. trust in anyone's title of "doctor". Ive seen so many witch Doctors selling pills, powders, and potients to anyone ready to try anything. Its an epidemic.


If Im wrong, just tell me, and I will have learned something. Thanks.


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Generally results are only used to show possible risk factors. They make these drugs for the lowest common denominator anyways, I doubt it'd be a major difference. Even then the drug's literature should reference anything that could impact efficiency.



You may want to look for better prices elsewhere if that will put your friend's mind at ease.


This link: http://mashable.com/2013/05/15/personal-genetics-resources/


has several cheaper options. Not sure how on how much analysis they provide or for how much.


Note: 23andMe is unavailable at present.

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I am not familiar with anti-depressants, but for other forms of medication there are genetic markers that are associated with a lower efficacy of certain drugs. However, it would only be worthwhile if the genetic link is strong and the MD should be able to provide either FDA (or equivalent) and/or studies that have established that link (i.e. more than a single exploratory study).


With regards to the actual DNA analysis, again I would go for approved diagnostic suites. Companies that make private analyses are often not approved as a diagnostic tool, mostly because there is little info with regards how accurate their analyses are.

Note that most do not actually sequence but use a much cheaper but more error prone hybridization assay.

If the MD is unable or unwilling to discuss these things in detail, it may be time to look for a different practitioner,

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