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Hello my friends.

I was assigned the topic of "ELECTRONIC PACKAGES AND CONDUCTION HEAT TRANSFER" for my term project. I have been seraching last two days for literrature reviwes but I haven't been able to find related published or conferences journals. The course is conduction heat transfer and I should investigate conduction heat transfer in electronig packages. Could you please help me on this. I just need some related articles. Any help is appreciated.

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yes, exactly. but in terms of thermal design to prevent from excessive heat.
There are many papers out there about using heat sink or nanofluid to achive above goal. But in those two methods, dominant mode is convection not conduction. So, I am trying to find something that is mostly about conduction. It seems very easy, like heat transfer in a CPU, PBCs,.. but shockingly I can't find articles to do my literature review.

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Best guess would be to go with the conduction taking place in the heat sinks themselves. Found a number of potential papers just with a search for "conduction heat sinks".


Discussion of the material differences(thermal conductivity), would easily give you a good amount of material. Especially with the more exotic types(diamond, composites). Corrosion resistance, pricing, should also make for good points. Might also be able to talk about the conduction taking place in heat exchangers for liquid refrigerant based cooling, not sure if that would be applicable or not though.


I'm sure there are more scholarly papers you can also find depending on what resources your school gives you access to.

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