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Making a Arducopter from scratch.


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So, this thread is going to be dedicated to the trial and error of me making an Arducopter(autonomous robot helicopter)


Now first things first, how would one suggest me make a electric motor with enough power to lift itself into the air, plus say, another 2kg . Also, is there a formula to find out how much the motor could lift? I really don't know how an electric motor works, because I usually muck around with gas powered engines(and for my RC's, nitro glow plug engines), so this is entirely new to metongue.png


I am thinking of making some of the prototypes out of balsa wood, because I can make everything with it. If anyone has any other suggestions, they would be welcome. The propellers will probably be made out of oak or something else.


For the first month of this project, it is mainly going to be me hashing out ideas, and diagrams, so I can have something to go to my parents and have them buy everything needed.


Any safety precautions people say I should go is also a must, because you peoples are adults(most, that is), and might think of something that I wouldn't of.


Also, I am making EVERYTHING from scratch, except for the computer stuff


Thank you for reading



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The arducopter is the process of using an arduino circuit and controlling 4 electrical motors; You'll need some power but that can be transformed so even 4 * AA will probably be suffice though you might want to find out about a small 12v battery. You can link each of the motors to transistors which are controlled by the arduino board and all the outputs get grounded to the battery (so the transistor + motor circuit have mutual ground), all you really have to do then is control when to switch on and off the motors tongue.png


Side project is buying a small camera and having a wireless module on the arduino that can communicate with wifi or bluetooth and then control it with an android app.


I'd actually partake in this project to be honest, let me find out about part prices, i already have the arduino mega and uno and a wireless module.


I can get a small schematic drawn up, the actual electrics shouldnt be overly difficult, getting powerful enough motors and then programming them might be though. I have absolutely no idea about aerodynamics so i'd have to ask my brother about it.


Im not sure of the batteries weight but if we want decent power were probably looking for a 12v battery. I know it has something to do with fluid mechanics i think....but i also have no idea about the exact equations


Ill try get a list of materials.

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