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Crystallized Bleach?


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First, I would like to state that I am not well educated in chemistry, so please forgive any mistakes on my part.


I have a spray botte with half water and half bleach inside, and it sits near a window that has the blinds down, but it still let's sunlight through. I was looking at the bottle this evening when I found a cluster of hard white "stuff" on the side and a ring of comparable white stuff atop the plastic sheet it sits on. I scratched it away and it came off very easily. The cluster was as wide as a penny and the height of a penny and a half. Any ideas of what it could be? It smells like bleach and whatever happened left an embroidered patch sitting next to the bottle with a white spot and a few parted stitches. I am thinking it is the result of evaporation, what might you think?

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