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Teleportation is transporting an object from place to place without traveling through normal space. So if you transport an object through a brick wall to the other side, that's teleportation. Since it doesn't travel through normal space, it should take 0 time. If you attach a teleport device to a spaceship, you should be able to jump from place to place in the universe, and it should take 0 time, just like in Isaac Asimov's book, 'The Stars, Like Dust'.


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I've been reading and thinking about teleportation.


Instead of using supercomputers and quantum entanglement to scan all 10^28 atoms in the human body, which would take a very long time, what if there were a 4th spacial dimension, let's call it hyperspace, that we had access to. Then all we would have to do is enter hyperspace with a spaceship, fly to an exit point, then enter a certain place in 3-d space. The process would take almost 0 time, and we could still call it jump drive. The difficult part is gaining access to hyperspace.


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It would need proof of existence before we can talk about gaining access to it.


Just to clarify this is normally talked about as a 5th dimension. The 3 space and 1 time dimensions, being the ones we are aware of at present.


I do like Asimov but his science fiction was just that. No positronic brain Roombas running around.

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Mathematically writing about hyperspace:


Locating an object in 3-space requires 3 coordinates: (x,y,z).

Locating an object in 4-space requires 4 coordinates: (x,y,z,t), where t stands for time.

Locating an object in 5-space requires 5 coordinates: (x,y,z,t,h), where h stands for hyperspace.


This doesn't tell us if hyperspace exists or not, and it doesn't tell us how to gain access to it.


Since it is a jump drive that uses hyperspace, I think we should call it hyperdrive.

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