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I just invited several of my science-minded friends to "Like" the SFN Facebook page (because I think this is a great community, and would like to share it), only to find that no one has posted anything on it since 2010!


Now, I'm not one of those that has Facebook open in my browser 24/7 (honestly), but it seems like the administrators of this site should want to generate as much support/interest as possible, no? Facebook is, in fact, one of the most relevant ways to do so nowadays...just sayin' smile.png


I am of the opinion that we need more scientific thinkers on this planet, and this site is an open door into the world of science (preaching to the choir, surely). Let's be as welcoming as possible!


My actual question: do any of the administrators oversee social networking?

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I think it is just hard for a group to keep up a media presence if their site doesn't depend upon the population influx.


No, the site doesn't depend on "population influx", I just think that scientific progress is beneficial to humanity. To make scientific progress, one needs scientists, to get scientists, one needs to get people interested in and comfortable with science, and to do that, one could utilize established scientific communities, such as this one.

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I just meant that this can make it difficult to sustain a social networking drive. Not impossible but more difficult than otherwise.


We cycle back and forth between the first and second spot in the search results and Alexa traffic analysis suggests this is the primary source of new users.

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