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Real or photo shop?


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At first glance it resembles a King Cobra and they do get over 18 feet long so it could be real.


At another glance I see it could also be a reticulated python, but the color is off a little, or a male burmese python. It would help to know where the picture was taken.

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"there are no obvious signs of image tampering. According to one anecdotal report, the object in the photo is actually a roadside sculpture located in Alstonville, NSW (approximately eight hours south of Branxton).
It appears the mystery of the long, long snake may have finally been solved on January 27, 2012 by a Reddit.com member who claims to have visited Alstonville and photographed the object from a different angle." Pic: http://urbanlegends.about.com/gi/o.htm?zi=1/XJ&zTi=1&sdn=urbanlegends&cdn=newsissues&tm=27&f=00&su=p284.13.342.ip_p504.6.342.ip_&tt=29&bt=3&bts=7&zu=http%3A//p.twimg.com/AkJFG-lCAAAJHZ6.jpg%3Alarge


Meta Comment: Aren't "fake" and "Photoshop" basically the same thing in this context? I mean, REAL-ly. wink.png

Not at all.






The error level around the head/raised section appears different than the rest of the snake. It's possible that the head was raised with image manipulation

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Thanks to whichever mod changed the thread title from "Fake or photoshop" to "Real or photoshop" as a result of the exchange above, and per Moontanman's original intent.


I also acknowledge md65536's comment that it could be a non-photoshopped image of a fake object in reality... as opposed to a living organism that has been photoshopped. He is, of course, correct from a purely logical standpoint, but that's why I added the phrase "in this context" to my original meta comment.


[/More Meta Comments]

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As it turns out the image was neither photo shop or fake but a sculpture.. go figure... unsure.png

A SCULPTURE!!!! are you telling me that somewhere out there there is a sculpture of a snake at the side of the road? Imagine driving and looking out of your window to see that

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