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Articles on Science Issues (Are we heading toward Mandatory Human Micro-chipping…and would that be so Bad?)

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My online classmates and I were instructed by our lecturer to create these articles on topics that are recently becoming more and more popular and also to post them to a wide audience as possible.



Are we heading toward Mandatory Human Micro-chipping…and would that be so Bad?

Why is there such a need to control persons?

I believe it could be made mandatory for certain sectors of the society, to keep track of pets and livestock, criminals or persons with criminal tendencies, persons with chronic health risks, or persons deemed to be at risk. If a person has opted to have the device implanted on his person, that was his choice, he made an informed choice and his reasons were his.

The US government claims microchips are the ultimate I.D., a personal identifier that could never be lost or stolen, but I perceive micro-chipping as the ultimate invasion of privacy, resulting in a total end to personal freedom. There is a trend to mimic what we consider to be fashionable before investigating the pros and cons of an issue and how it might impact our lives. Nearly all implantable microchips are unencrypted making them vulnerable to scanning. By scanning secretly, someone could steal the information on a chip and clone the signal, enabling that person to impersonate a chipped individual thus jeopardizing the security of the person, a building or computer.

All the evidence suggests that mandatory human micro-chipping should be made into law but I still uphold some measure of moderation should be exercised; mainly because as I mentioned earlier this particular institution should be pro-choice. In part, persons in society have generally exhibited minimal restraint, and so have brought the consideration of this idea of mandatory human micro-chipping onto their own selves.


Ø Gena V. Mason. 2009. "The Micro-chipping of America: Human Rights Implications of Human Bar Codes.

Ø Ezine Articles. Accessed: 23 September, 2013. Retrieved From:

Ø http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Scary-Truth-About-Human-Microchipping&id=2755506



Thought-Provoking Scientific Issues: The Scope of Micro-chipping Technology.

Images of Plant, Animal & Human Micro-chipping…… Pictures courtesy: bing.com/images


Food For Thought…...


Your Write......

Excerpts of viewpoints taken from this group’s posts Re: Microchipping.


‘Humans Microchip’ by Onika Thomas - Thursday, 19 September 2013, 5:59 PM.

“.……... a bad thing and lets us humans get more and more lazy…..... just robots and people playing God's using super powers.”


‘Re: Mandatory Micro-chipping?’ by Adrian Vance - Thursday, 19 September 2013, 10:52 PM.

“……. a microchip- based drug delivery device can have a bright side. .........”


‘Should Trinidadians adopt every thing Americans do or should we use our own creative minds?’ by Tricia Alleyne - Thursday, 19 September 2013, 8:46 PM.

“……. scarring to our bodies or infections and what if the microchip is defective?......”


‘Microchips in Trinidad and Tobago’ by Onika Thomas - Thursday, 19 September 2013, 6:12 PM.

“If microchip were implemented in Trinidad and Tobago to get medical services there would be chaos. ……… Some religions would refuse…….…”


‘RFID’ by Peter Bengochea - Thursday, 19 September 2013, 3:51 PM.

(‘RFID’: Radio Frequency Identification – micro-chipping technology.) “……... would be beneficial to a lot of doctors and citizens in Trinidad and Tobago…. preventing frequent visits to doctors for daily dose.”


‘Pros & Cons’ by Adrian Vance - Sunday, 22 September 2013, 1:31 PM.

“Pros: ...…Easy to locate someone…..; …….report medical status; …… Cons: ……eavesdropping; ……hacked/identity thief; ……medical problem…..”


‘What would happen in Trinidad and Tobago if microchip implants were made mandatory for medical reasons?’ by Sonia Jugmohan - Sunday, 22 September 2013, 1:37 PM.

“Assessments based upon the actual and potential risks vs benefits……. prior to the decision of establishing mandatory microchip implants for medical reasons here in Trinidad and Tobago. …… ”


‘Re: freedom of choice’ by Tricia Alleyne - Thursday, 19 September 2013, 1:04 PM.

“…… it can cause electrical hazards, ……”


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Hi Chelsea,


Firstly, welcome to SFN. A few housekeeping rules that you need to be aware of:


- Please make sure that your thread titles give a description of the topic you wish to discuss. I have edited the title of this thread to make it clearer to members what your thread is about by including the title of your essay.


- Similarly, you need to be a little more aware of where you are placing your threads. The 'Suggestions, Comments and Support,' forum is probably not the place for a thread about micro chipping.


- Mixing small and large print with different font types and colours in a single post can make it painful to read. In future, try and stick a consistent formatting style.


- I would recommend against using your class mate's full names on a public forum. The risk is possibly small, but they might not like it so much.



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We commonly don't do this in the US for many of the same reasons listed. Considering the religious and human rights issues I strongly doubt there will be any national implementation. I find it more than a little concerning that other countries think we're happy to microchip ourselves.


IMO more useful would be tracking all the phone GPS data. Would help to rapidly narrow down potential suspect/witness pools.

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To paraphrase:


You can have my phone's GPS data when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.


On the subject of the OP, I'm not even willing to let them put a black box in my car. I'll be thrice damned if I'll allow them to microchip me like a farm animal. Religious implications aside, we are entitled to some privacy in our lives, and the US government has a very poor record when it comes to not exceeding the intended use of information that we give it.

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They can obtain location data legally from public information your phone broadcasts, legally from the provider and less than legally through hacking. Might as well give up the ghost on that one.


I was just thinking an anonymous database for everyone located within some radius of a crime. When something occurs an automated non-binding request for assistance goes out. Something reasonable that balances both privacy and security.

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They can obtain location data legally from public information your phone broadcasts, legally from the provider and less than legally through hacking. Might as well give up the ghost on that one.


I know they can obtain the records - that doesn't mean we should just give them carte blanche to use it whenever and for whatever they like.

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