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Hamilton-Jacobi QM ?


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The "Classical" HJ equation


[math]H + \frac{\partial S}{\partial t} = 0[/math]


where the action


[math]S = \int L dt[/math]


gives rise to


[math]\Psi = \Psi_0 e^{i \frac{S}{\hbar}}[/math]


so the phase of wave-functions, at some particular point, is equal to the time integral, of the action, at that point, from [math]t=-\infty[/math] to the current time ?

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Hi guys, layman here. Can you give an example (in laymen's terms) of how you'd actually apply or use the math above in a real world situation?


The Schrodinger equation, the wave equation of all matter makes large use of the exponential in the OP. The HJ equation in particular is useful in helping to describe conserved quantities in physics.

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