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Text messaging in sleep?

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I had a sleepwalking episode when I was about ten-years-old, where I thought I was alone in my house. I went to my sister's house a block away, went in through an unlocked back door and woke her up, telling her mom and dad were gone. She said she could tell I wasn't awake and told me to lie down. A minute or two later, I woke up, wondering what the heck I was doing over there. I remembered dreaming about mom and dad not being home but I had no recollection of going to my sister's.


I think it's entirely possible for this guy to text message in his sleep. Especially if it's something he would logically do in a given situation.

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Something like this is very likely, expecially since he says it happened several times...when your body goes to sleep it causes you to be paralysed, if this doesn't occur, you sleep walk, which is basically acting out your dream.


So if in his dream he was text messaging, in real life if hes not paralysed he will try to text message...

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If he is sleeping and is just acting out on his dream. how does he know exactly where his computer or cell phone is if he has his eyes closed. How would he remember the exact way to move the mouse to get to AOL IM or something?

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A few months ago I sleep-texted my boyfriend. That is the honest truth, and it really really scared me that I could do that. I don't text amazingly much, probably no more than the average person at university. I don't understand how i could have done it. About an hour into sleep i text my bf saying 'im so sorry, i've lost my way inside. please help.' Now that to me is scary, i certainly wasn't thinking anything like that. It must have been a dream or subconscious thoughts.

Before i have been half asleep and text people, but i have always known what I was saying. This was completely different. I don't know how its possible,but it happened. I also quite frequently just sit up in bed, eyes open and look awake but when my bf tries to talk to me i don't hear, and aren't conscious and i will repeatedly say 'what?' or the other day it was 'who's shield'?! Interesting but scary stuff!:D

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