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Innuendo Bingo

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Simple game we can play. Just post something to do with science or mathematics that can be seen as an innuendo. You should give some link just to prove it is real, so no cheating. The winner gets the satisfaction of having the dirtest mind.

I'll enter this (lol)

Cox Ring.



Now your turn...

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[latex]\frac{-eL\lambda R}{2N_{A}}= f\mu ckm_{e}[/latex]

There was a seminar in Manchester a few years ago in which the speaker wrote down something along those lines. I missed the seminar, but I know others spotted his "mistake".



Update: My brother suggests we try Packet Sniffing... a term from computer science.

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I recall something from my undergraduate days, a few years after bottom quarks were experimentally confirmed, that the investigation into their behavior free from interactions was called "looking for bare bottoms".

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As part of the Wiener Process for the Cox-Zucker Machine, I have to get my Wiener Measure. evil.gif


Fact: The time-integral of the Wiener process results in integrated Brownian motion.

So, don't forget Brownian motion before attempting butt coupling. huh.png


Oh yeah!!! She knows how to work that ASS theorem. biggrin.png

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