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OK, this is sort of out of place, but it might get the best response here. I am continually adding to my website, and among the things I add is a section for Biological Science. What is the best way to divide up this section? I want it modeled sort of like this: http://www.neonostalgia.com/soc.html


Note, not all the links work. Enter into Theology, not Literature, for I haven't even touched literature yet. I hope to get that up sometime this week. But as you see, it goes from Sociological Sciences (Biological Sciences) to Theology (?) to Christianity (?) to Early Christianity (?) which contains individual resources. Also, I could do, if need be, for the sake of keeping that which needs to be together still separate, links across the top, like in the Human Genetics section and link to Plant Genetics or something like that. Thoughts? Comments?

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hmm...how many sections do you want to have under "Biological sciences"?

I mean, the usual thing I guess is to do the differentiation in the basic fields of research, e.g. zoology, botany, microbiology, genetics, biochemistry etc.

If you want something more general, then maybe the first step would be to divide the links into molecular and organismic categories.


I´m not quite sure I got your question right anyway, so I hope this isn´t complete nonsense I´m writing here;)






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