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1000 Ways to Die? (WARNING! Gory details)


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There have been some deaths on this show that have left me wondering how realistic the circumstances have been.


First off, Alexis' death in the segment "Sky Scraped", where apparently negative pressure in the sky scraper, combined with strong winds battering the office window, caused an explosion of glass everywhere into her skin.


Then there was the death of a Mel Gibson parody named Max, who happened to have his intestines ripped out by the drain of his hot tub (He sat on it by mistake).


Are these deaths really that accurate? Even the woman who drank too much water?


I've wanted to ask you since a lot of you here are qualified in scientific fields, and I figured somebody here could tell me if these freak accidents would have killed anybody in real life (I'm not asking anybody to try and recreate them in real life, because that would be a stupid idea, unless you have the proper means to do so).

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The last two are true, water intoxication and disembowelment.



Couldn't find anything definitive on the window shatter. There's been issues with thermal differences and more obvious cases in hurricanes/tornadoes, but I couldn't find any having to do with an office building death.

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*reads how Abigail Taylor died* That was horrible. At least in 1000 Ways to Die they changed the victim to someone everybody hated.

Yeah, TV tends to do that. That's why you won't see sympathetic language used on almost any of the characters in that show. If you liked/sympathized with those who are dying crazy and horrible deaths everyone would just be p*$$ed that the show is making a profit on other people's misery. But as long as those who are dying are a$$holes, nobody cares.

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