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Qualified and Experienced PHP Developer Needed ASAP

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I need a php script with an admin backend and a user-login front end.


Coder needs experience with SSH2 protocall in PHP and tripleDES encoding of information via MySQL.


Need to be able to initially install the script (i.e. install.php), and select all variables needed (database_name, database_username, database_password, admin_name, admin_password, anything else needed for the script to work).


The login should be able to determine whether the admin or user logs in, and send to the appropriate page (i.e. admin.php or user.php).


Description of admin page:

- Need to be able to edit the database information

- Add users and random passwords

- Create/bind remote server username and password with each user

- All remote username/passwords must be encoded with tripleDES

- Email password to person upon creation

- Edit/overwrite passwords for usernames


Description of user page:

- Able to change password

- must be able to reboot remote server (must be able to use SSH2 command in php)

- small status monitor of services for remote server

- possible ping status refreshed each minute


Descripton of login page:

- Simple username / password field to connect to the database and load all fields necessary


This type of project is overly simple, and should take the coder an hour or so if he/she is qualified. (All rights transferred to me)


Job pays 60$, please contact me if qualified and interested (need proof of ability to complete project).

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