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How Do We Remove Nanoparticles From a Brain?

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A great article, very informative, answering many of my most worrisome questions. Namely, what would be the prolonged effects of severe nano-pollution on our populace?

They do state that the particles do not seem to pass through the placental barrier, which means there is the possibility of humanity growing past a large scale contamination of our environment, as we are seeing with farmers literally throwing nanoparticles onto the ground, and therefore directly into the water supply, using them as pesticides. Yep, sounds too horrible to be true, but it has been happening for years now, and will likely not be stopped until we are seeing the detrimental effects on a large enough scale to warrant doing something about it. NOTE: Nanoparticle pesticides are considered organic in the U.S.A. The F.D.A. literally had the issue on the docket years ago to consider nano tech inorganic, but the issue was shelved. Indefinitely. So is the only answer to simply accept we are going to have particulate silver in our bodies and have to adapt accordingly? I guess so.


A man in the throws of Argyria, or silver poisoning, any sci-fi references are unnecessary.

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