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I Realise Now How Thick I Am!!!

Mike Fuller

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I would love to be knowledgeable on a specific area or areas of scientific knowledge like you guys,

but I love to chat, so for fun did you know that the German polymath Hildergard Von Bingen

( 1098 - 1179 ) believed that taking a bath in lettuces cured people from sexual desire. I don't believe

that. However some of this remarkable woman's work in the field of medicine and plant healing is now

considered to have more truth to it than once thought.



I just thought 'WHAT THE HELL!!!' I'd enter something!!!



Cheers - Mike

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Moderator Note

I've moved this from Science News to The Lounge, because a comment about a person who lived about 900 years ago is not considered 'news', but may instead be considered 'olds'.

On a sidenote, if swimming in a bath of lettuce would reduce sexual desires... shouldn't manatees be extinct by now?

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