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How to remove a program


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Guyss, hi!

Can you tell me how to delete a program called System Check. It sends me strange messages and pop up notifications and to be honest I don't think it is a real program. I am not sure what it does exactly, but I surely want to remove it.

I tried through Control Panel and I also searched for an uninstall icon, but no luck.

I have windows 7 on my PC(if it is at any importance).

Thank you!!

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Thank you so much. Yes it was useful. I read the entire article and before that i read another one here http://www.americanpendulum.com/en/2012/03/26/remove-system-check/. Both recomended the same thing - to just use an antimalware tool.

I downloaded http://www.malwarebytes.org, as you sugested and now I am waiting for the scan to finish.


The good thing is that all those messages I got from the program were fake and my computer is actually fine (except this rouge biggrin.png )


thanks again happy.png

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I agreed, I am also using malwarebytes on my PC that I have installed after I was terribly fed up with the unwanted pop-ups there. This software was recommended to me by <a commercial support company> people when I asked for their help at that time. This software proves great asset to me while fighting for the infections of my PC and I am thankful to <a commercial support company> staff for suggesting this software at that time.

edited by mod to remove company name

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Majorgeeks is a popular website for computer techies and often has some of the better free tech software around all in one place.


Often websites will trick you into downloading and installing viruses/malware, etc.. If you use free software be sure to unclick all the "FREE" bundles are included.


You can sometimes google how your computer is acting and find the installation name, and a)Remove it via remove programs b) turn it off in Start up.


If you are not computer savvy, I recommend "Start up Buddy" from that website that will remove these sneaky programs from the start up list.


99% of the time I've had computer headaches Majorgeeks had a solution.


For a paid antivirus Webroot has an amazing award winning antivirus system that seems too cheap.


A few of the previous posts mentioned some decent software, but those downloads can be found at Majorgeeks.


Here is a link. It should help rid your computer of unwanted programs.


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