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Often a hard refresh of the browser (Ctrl+F5 on Win or Command+R on iOS) is sufficient. This sort of thing happens often when cached versions of pages get loaded and avoids need for full session logout / creation of new session. 

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As explained in the religion forum rules, users must have 30 posts before they can post in the Religion forum. We've had problems in the past with bad behavior there (it's a controversial topic, after

Thanks, Swanson.  Burp.  Now the profile page shows the editable avatar pic, with the editing button on the bottom left as String had described.  And thanks again, String.  I logged on this sessi

LOL! You just reminded me of this: https://xkcd.com/435/

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3 hours ago, iNow said:

What sidebar?

A column taking up about one-third of my screen that lists statistics, popular posts and images. It appeared today - i assume, in response to my hitting a button I didn't know was there. (You know how in Star Trek, any of the bridge crew can approach the helm of a spaceship owned by any other species in the galaxy and figure out in three minutes which lighted panels with weird squiggle on the control panel will make what happen? Well, I'm not on the bridge crew; I'm the barber.)  


3 hours ago, iNow said:

What browser?


3 hours ago, iNow said:

Mobile or laptop?


3 hours ago, iNow said:

Do you have a screenshot?

no... a what? 

3 hours ago, iNow said:

Are you ready to accept that it probably cannot be turned off?

Oh, always. But it did get turned on, so I figured it's worth an ask.... 

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