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well, thank you all for answering! @strange, @charonY, @phiforall

as i have alluded to i am not a 'science person' by training or vocation, but as wit all human endeavors, I have a great interest in it, its uses and applications and potentials

On another forum where I have been for quite awhile (an entertainment- multi genre but mainly sci fi ) we have a lot of sub forums on various topics like you do here.

One is on fringe theories, conspiracy and anti intellectualism in general

but that discussion is "lighter" as we are a different type of forum from here. I have seen a growth , and yes, i have quizzed YT/google if there is a way to find a way to measure this growth, but no answer yet- over the last 10 yrs or so in the number of videos on things like flat earth and all other manner of nonsense

yes, its expected, as one of you said with the nature of the internet, but what i find concerning is how believers in these things have a intangible nexus of sorts, where all of these beliefs merge and they are all co-supporters of each other...the flat earth community spts the anti vaxxer one--the 'no gravity one spts the young earth one and so on


i will start a thread, what sub forum should i put it in, and, is it ok if i use (my material only) that i have posted elsewhere?


and no, this is not a social psych experiment! i am a long way removed from that part of my life and I am currently retired/disabled


thanks again

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Depends on what you intend to discuss. If you want to talk about impact of social media and their effect on spread of misinformation, politics could be a place. If you want to discuss why folks believe it, somewhere in psych? General societal impact could go into other sciences. If you have an idea why things work out that way, you could also go for speculation. It really depends on how you couch the discussion.

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