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Sulphuric Acid / King of Compounds


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Sulphuric acid is very important chemical compound and used in mostly al the indutries. it is used in the manufacturing of fertilizers just like supper phosphate and ammonium nitrate, as well as rayon and plastics. It is also used in the production of HCl and HF and in pickling of steel. It is also used in the preparation of detergents. It is the one of the best dehydrating, nitrating and drying agent. That is way it is called king of compond.

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...it is not a nitrating agent at all. For one thing, there is no nitro group in it! Sulphuric acid is used to protonate nitric acid which then decomposes to NO2+ which is the actual nitrating species. And I really wouldn't call is the "best". Ever tried nitrating anything with this method? You end up with a mixture of all possible regioisomers that are often next to impossible to seperate.

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Sulfuric acid: Pumping up the volume tells of the history of sulfuric acid production and uses. It begins —


Sulfuric acid is the workhorse chemical of the industrial world. It is made in greater volume than any other product of the chemical industry. In the United States alone, well over 40 million tons of the colorless, viscous, relatively low-cost liquid are produced each year. Its use is so widespread that during the last half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, fluctuations in its output were considered a good barometer of overall business conditions. It is, moreover, the first chemical to have been made on an industrial scale.


A nice page on the topic.


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