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The importance of multiple time dimensions


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My theory.


I was in the shower earlier. I was bored, so I started thinking about all the things I had recently learned. I had just got done reading a book called Strange matters, and I remember it said that nobody could really think of what physical importance multiple time dimensions could have upon our universe. I do realise that the book is a few years old, but meh, and I did do some research on Google, but I didn't see anything that seemed to reflect my theory. If someone already came up with this (like what happened with my theory as to spontaneous human combustion!), I'd like to know. If I'm so utterly and totaly wrong, please inform me nicely, I'd like to learn about how I'm thinking about this wrongly.


So here it is, and I know it's not well thought out, but I thought the thinking would go alot faster if I exposed it to people who knew trillion times more about the subject.


Perhaps there are multiple time dimentions, but we are moving through them so rapidly(like passing the repetative white lines broken by ashphalt on the road), say about 3.3 x 10^-44 seconds, that we're having a hard time detecting it? According to http://www.physlink.com/Education/AskExperts/ae598.cfm, that is Planck's time. Maybe it explains why there is a Planck's length aswell, seeing as space and time are intertwined (it's "spacetime" nowadays, isn't it?). It seems otherwise, you could just keep on getitng smaller and smaller. It also gives a bit of proof for the "duality" thoery I read about in the book I mentioned earlier.


What do you all think about my "brainstorming"? Like I said, I just hope it's not something someone already came up with, because it sounds pretty simple. =[

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The neat thing is there already exist prediciting theorys that imply that time, as far as we can se it -1 dimensional then-, is a manifastaion of a 3 dimensional time. I blive this theory was put forth in Scientific american around 2003-2004. Interesting reading but i don,t remember the the articles name nor the scientist/s involved. And it supossed to be around planck scale and beyond that this real 3d time is being put in the lime light =)

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See http://www.rstheory.com/ go in the book section: Nothing but motion.

It is a theory where the fundamental entities are motion. Motion is space/time and motion is 3D. The space aspect of motion is 3D and also the time aspect is 3D. I find this theory very interesting and it take an open mind to accept some of these concepts.

If some people are willing to take a look I would like to have there opinion.


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