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Number Sequence


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32, 81, 64, 25... Whats the next number?


This should be really easy for most people here. I'm only posting it because it hasn't been solved at my school by anybody besides me and I wanted to gauge how hard it actually is. My school is pretty mathematically and scientifically deficient.


Please post how long it took you.

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Guest naturegirl

List Of What Snails & Slugs Eat*



1. Patoes with no salt. (salt can kill slugs and snails)


2. Cheese


3. Lettuce


4. chips with no salt


5. Carriots


6. Pickles


7. Bread


8. a small drop of Beer


9. Meat/Stake




11. worms


12. tiny spiders the size of a cemeter


13. Isopods


14. crickets


15. dead thing


16. dead animals


17. Tomadoes


18. apples


19. garlic bread


20. metal, if their metal eaters.


21. dirt


22. grass


23. flowers/plants/seeds/etc.


24. and many more things too! :)crazy hips

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