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The Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

Radical Edward

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this is a global website, saying your in grade 8 dont really mean much to me as i live in the UK!


so feel free not to answer if you fell i may be invading your privacy: but being in grade 8 makes you how old?

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Guest wild_card_my

Helo, I'm faiz from Malaysia.


I'm under preparation to apply for 3 unis in the US namely UC DAvis, SUNY Buffalo, and RIT.


I'll be taking Biotechnology as my major in whichever university that im enrolled in!


Hopefully I can learn a lot about Biotech before I got there. I can see that there is a good ammount of Biology and Biotechnology discussions here.

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Hello everyone,


Im 19 I live in England and I am currentely studing an MChem in Chemistry with Forensic Science and Toxicology at The University of Hull, Ive been registered at this website for a day now and its such a pleasure to see such a friendly and enfusiatic group of people with the same interests...


Anita =)

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Guest bobby8443

I am new here and just wanted to say hello to the community. I plan on spending a lot of time around and would love to get to know some of you and help out where I can :)

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Willkommen zu den wissenschaft foren.

always one isnt there?!!! (notice where he is located :D)


anyhow... welcome.... ;)


what do you know about??? like are you school student, PhD whichever physics or what???

(not trying to be rude... just interested!)

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I'm a 14 year-old student who aspires to learn most of the scientific and matematical

branches of human knowledge,Btw,can anyone help me to self-teach myself?I need to understand quantum mechanics, organic chemistry and electron obitals,like the 1s obitals and such.

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