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The Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

Radical Edward

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Hello, I am named Stefanie. I like to listen to Beethoven, I also enjoy astronomy and physics junk. I am addicted to cosmology and I am currently working on some mathematical theorems of my own creation. The only problem is that I am a fifteen years old and currently going to a community college where I am learning nothing.

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I'm one of the newest numbers on this list ^_^


I'm a first year PhD student about to declare a lab soon. Research interests include anything that allows for computational modelling. Interests outside of science includes music of all kinds (though I do have phases), books (of all kinds), games, and my beloved crappy piano.


Tis a pleasure to meet you all.

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Hi I'm LemonDrop. I'm a 15 (almost 16) year old programmer from the United States (IL). Computer Science is my favorite subsection of science. I've been working with java for about one and a half years now and consider myself to have intermediate-level knowledge of the language. This next Tuesday I will be taking the AP CS exam. My school doesn't actually offer any CS classes so I did it as an independent study. This summer I hope to take the SCJP exam. So far the sciences that I have taken in high school are Biology and Chemistry I. Next year I will take AP Chemistry and then senior year, Physics. I have always enjoyed science as one of the subjects I look forward to during the day :). After I finish highschool (2 more years), I plan on attending a university and studying towards a master's degree in computer science. I may decide to go beyond a master's degree: I'll figure that out when I get there. Anyway, I hope to be a good, contributing member to these forums. smile.gif

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Guest Swiss Precision Lock Nuts

My name is Moses Botbol. I am the USA distributor of Kuso Relock Precision Lock Nuts. Our lock nuts are made in Switzerland and ground within 3 microns. We make lock nuts in every size and in both American and Metric threads. Our lock nuts are the most precise high quality available in the world.


We are also a resource for any contract manufacturing that you may want done in Switzerland. We are based in Biel which is the center of watch manufacturing in Switzerland. We make prototype and small production runs for many customers including US universities and Fortune 500 companies.











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hello im bong from philippines i finish computer programmer and Criminology ^__^v


and now im become Tokay(gecko) hunter... hehehehe




hmmmm im wondering if this reptile Family of Gecko? its almost 8kg... ^__^v


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Hi there, I'm Karl from Sweden. Studying electrical engineering at the moment, and when I'm done with that I will continue with a master in space engineering.

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Hi folks. My name is Vicente N. Carranza and I am a Mexica-Tenochtla. I serve in the Air Force for 8 yrs. and 10 months. The Vietnam war which we lost change my whole life. On Jan. 9, 1969 I became a full time 24/7 activists and I am still at it. One of my BA is in Ministry. I have lived in 5 countries and visit many more. I love people and I would give my life for them but I can not stand them. I do not like are respect the de-do heads or 90% of the anonymous bloggers which I call trolls. I have no problems with bloggers who use pictures instead are their personal photo but I feel they have something to hide. I love the United States for it is my country but it has become the number one enemy of this planet. Everyone claims to have an open mind and that in all website we can express our personal point of view with proof, but that is not true. Everyone does have an open mind until it come to some one going against what they said then they don't like it and in a very nice way tell you so. And if you throw in the word LOVE OR PEACE OR PRAYER you are not wrong and anyone that says anything about the subject is wrong. If it goes against what you say they don't care what anyone says. For my self I am who I am and that what makes me what I am. I stop being angry or bitter about 25 years ago and I am very secure. I am just being truthful and people don't like the truth. They can not handle anything that shacks their comfort zone that they have work very hard to get. One of my favorite quotes when I start in a new website like this one is from a famous philosopher Voltaire- "Optimism is the madness of maintaining that everything is right when it is wrong". Thank you all for allowing me to vent. I want to vent before I am ask to leave like many other website. Their is a saying that said, 'the truth will set you free'. Today that is all BS or what I call Caca de torro. People do not want to be confuse with the facts. Their mind is all ready made up. Thanks everyone. Love you guys. God bless

Kin Oceppa, In Tonatiuh in Tlanextial which means Until next time, may your inner light shine. Tlamatini-vicente carranza

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Hey SandMan here... I joined in 07 i believed and haven't been on in a long while. I was 16 when I joined, and now I'm 20. Let me give you compare and contrast description of who I was then (if I can remember), and who I am now.




Freshmen year of college

Strong belief in creationism

Strong belief in young earth

Blind to the errors in my assumptions

Had taken general bio for science classes




Senior year of college

Belief in God's hand in the development of life, but understands from a scientific standpoint the theory of evolution has incredible scientific backing

Belief in old earth (still skeptical on how old)

Love to have all my errors pointed out (cept my punctuation and grammar errors when writing on this forum)

Have completed general bio, general chemistry, organic chemistry, engineering physics, developmental biology, molecular biology, virology, histology, ecology, systems physiology, and genetics.


So there has been a lot of change for me, but despite what I have learned I've realized one outstanding fact; I'm stupid. So going to see if I can have my name to changed to Anencephaly. So drop a hello, or get your kicks if you remember me. Phiforall might, considering I used his quote as my signature.

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Hello, I'm mike I have a degree in Physics but I'm an outdoor instructor these days. I thought I'd say hello, I'm interested in learning things but I was starting to worry i was forgetting what I know already and a found this place.

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(...)So there has been a lot of change for me, but despite what I have learned I've realized one outstanding fact; I'm stupid.(...)


I suspect that you have been terrorized by the educational system to say that.


On the basis of your declaration, and knowing that only the clever changes his mind, you cannot be stupid.




Ah, welcome.

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