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The Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

Radical Edward

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Hello everyone, my name is Jeremiah also currently attending University. I'm a pre-major at the moment, but plan to declare as a physics-astronomy major in the fall! I love astronomy, and hope to be involved in planetary science research after graduating. Oh and I love Neil Degrasse Tyson!

Look forward to meeting you all!

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Hi Folks,


I'm Richard, currently in Durban, South Africa.


I studied Chem Eng and Comp Sci way back when, and have a pretty good background in maths & science.


I love to learn, love to solve problems, and am always thinking about how things work. Someone earlier in this thread used the word "sponge-brain" ... I think that also fits quite well with me.


Loved maths & science at school - never had to apply myself much - things just seemed to make sense naturally and fit into a world-view framework. My thinking and learning is kind of network based - I lay down a few fundamental truths, and from there build a framework where I am happy playing and extrapolating between the bits of knowledge. I only add things that fit and are coherent - never was able to do the memory or parrot learning - and grow my understanding through linkages.


Although I've got the logical brain, I'm also intuitive as well - which plays hell with my personality :)


So I started off with a rational, well grounded education, but have since been devouring books on the metaphysical and philosophical side of the world view.


- - -


I've been musing over "the emergence of a fundamental space" for the past 15 to 20 years - occurring to me first as a kind of nagging vision or image that refuses to let me go.


I've been trying to unravel the physics and maths behind the mental imagery ever since - which at times feels a bit like trying to wrestle an alligator and pin it down to the ground.


Around a year ago, I managed to put together a Gambas animation simulation of my visual concept - after finally being able to identify and come to grips with the maths and geometry that was necessary to describe what I was envisaging.


I can more or less explain my ideas to people who sit next to me at my computer, but it still requires them to sit patiently through a long discussion and demonstration, with a lot of wild hand-waving from my side.


So that's why I'm here, to get my concept down into a paper that I can share with people who are not physically located next to me, in a form which allows for constructive critique and discussion.


Thus far, folks have been pretty helpful and friendly.


Happy to be here.

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Hello! My name is Natalie. I'm taking my final course, Organic Chemistry 2, at Temple University on my BS in Biology. I sort of took a 10 year hiatus between Org 1 and Org 2, though, so I'm having to exercise my brain in a way that I haven't done in a loooooong time. So far so good! Got a 100% on my 1st quiz, so I think I'm going to survive... Whoot!

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hi i'm paul garraway, guyanese living in st lucia, currently studying at Vieux fort Comprehensive Secondary school A Level Department, - best school on th island, i'm doing 6 A level subjects - cambridge exams , maths, chem, biology, physics, spanish, general paper,

i'm a big fan of naruto, likes curry and roti, pizzas, chowmein, fried rice

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Hey everyone, Im glad to be here, I love science, If I had to choose my best area, The human Body it is. Im looking forward to speaking with someone the knows their stuff to pass on to me. Knowledge4Knowledge hehe xD anyways I have one favour to anyone that has done an I.R.P. (haha close to R.I.P.) stands for Independant Research Project, I would like to see someone elses IRP to the Coke and Menthos method, or something along the lines of Fizzy Drinks and other chemicals which conducts a combustion of some sort.

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Hello!! thought i'd introduce myself. I'm Samantha (Sam/Sammy is fine), currently doing Applied Sciences and although I got in with Biology as a prerequisite I have limited knowledge in Chemistry which is an area i'd love to learn more about which is why i'm here so you might see me asking questions or whatever ^.^

Also I love are Chuck, Dexter, Twin Peaks, Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch and other stuff :)

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