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The Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

Radical Edward

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I joined this board over a year ago & it still says I have no post even though I have posted.



Posts in general discussions and some non-science forums don't count. There are many threads about this if you use the search function.

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im Brett

im still in high school and enjoy discussing any thought provoking concept.

i can answer most questions relating to almost anything physics or mahtematics related.

(complex formulae excluded)

im currently into mountain biking and soccer.


being a nerd in a past life helps in all aspects

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hey, i havn't been on this site for a long time so i guess i'll introduce my self again.

I'm currently in grade 12, n will start my first year of engineering studies in September (yey). My goal is to become a biomedical engineer, n help sick children. :)

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Hello all,


I am new to this forum and would like to introduce myself. My name is Andrew and I am a PhD student at the university of Manchester UK.


My research interests are in geometry and mathematical physics. Of interest lately has been the BRST transformations, the antibracket and (odd-)symplectic geometry. These things are all to do with how to treat general gauge theories correctly when quantising them. The underlying structures involved are all "super". That is they all involve anti-commuting objects.


Before that I obtained a MSc in theoretical particle physics with a distinction at the university of Sussex. Mt final year project was on anomalies. And before that I did my undergraduate studies at the university of Swansea where I obtained a MPhys degree.


To find out more, have a look at my website




Thank you



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Hi guys,


I'm also a newbie, and would like to let you know about a popular science blog I have recently set up in conjunction with a weekly radio show I run in China:




As far as I know, there is not that much science communication in China, at least not in the mainstream press, so I'd be interested to see what you think. The show has a podcast which is linked on that site.


The latest story we did was about the internet and web2.0, which is interesting as sites like wikipedia and blogspot, supposed features of web2.0, are blocked in alot of China! So unfortunately the site can't be seen there, but it is in English and deals with general science questions in hopefully an easy to understand manner.


The radio show has had some good feedback and I'd like it to have some internet presence.




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Damnit... I didn't see this thread, so naturally my first post gets... closed...


Anyway, here it is:

Hey guys, let me start off by saying my name is Sam, I'm 16 and live in Texas. I have a huge passion for science, and this forum looks like it is filled with very intelligent people who are not just in science for a big boom. I'm not going to deny that I don't like big booms, but there is so much more to science.

Anyway, I'm also very interested in poliltics. I follow everything that happens, and base what I think off of that. I think it's too soon for me to tell everyone what I think, but that will definetely come out with time here. Furthermore I would like to complain about our school system that we have. This is one of my favorite science related discussions. Our school system is a problem. I had a huge rant at another forum (Macaddict forums) about my Chemistry teacher. That debate will also probably come up with time.


What more is there to say... I really love science, I had a set of neodymium magnets sitting next to me on my desk, I have my Muriatic acid (HCl 32%) sitting in my backyard. My mom works at the local university as a professor of neurology. I try to make my own model rockets (bit dangerous... it's illegal, and getting my nozzles right is hard).


I try to figure out how everything works. Not just stuff like cars or computers but chemical equations.


So, anyway, that seems to be it...


Oh, and btw, I speak fluid german, and am going to a german boarding school next year b/c I am getting sick of the american school system. (The chemistry teacher there is awesome).


So yeah :)

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Hello ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to introduce myself; my screen name is Luciola, I'm 21 living in Canada and I like long walks on the beach.... just kidding.


I'm an amateur novelist and my reason to coming to the forum was to get some insight on certain theoretical physics theories that I'm attempting to use in my science fiction, so you'll be seeying me around there more than anywhere else.


I don't know very much about physics, as a matter of fact I was attempting to figure out how long it would take for a craft moving at 1g acceleration to get to the heliosphere the other day and couldn't even remember how to incorporate constant acceleration into the equation along with time over distance calculations. I did however figure that it would only take about two and three quarters of a day to travel one AU (distance from the earth to the sun) at 1g acceleration.


Luckily, although I'm majoring in English at the University of Laurentian, I'm also taking some refresher physics courses, so that'll hopefully be worth the money.


So far I like the forum alot, some real smart people on here, good to know the genepool isn't ALL spiraling into idiocy ;)

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Hello There


My name is Isomer and I am taking a high school chemistry course! I'll probably be posting in the homework section quite a bit! I look forward to getting to know you all!


I enjoy bodybuilding and the Simpsons!


See you soon!!

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Guest rabisom

I am an Engineer and a science writer.


I am fascinated by 'Thought Experiment'. The discipline of physics has used thought experiments to great effect. There have been many famous thought experiments ---Maxwell's demon, Stavin's wreath of spheres, Newton's bucket--- to name just a few.

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After recently receiving several introductory notices via email from SFN, I gratefully introduce myself as That Rascal Puff. I'm a science writer and author of a number of small press published works on Einstein's relativity and ethnology. Tormod, Turtle, GAHD and others are my former correspondents. The 'Posting Rules' say that I may post new threads, replies, attachments, or edit my posts. I'm not sure whether to do this or not.

Uhm. Dear Hearts: Is this a reinstatement, or an error of some kind?

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My name is Goncalo, im 17 and i live in Sweden but my country of birth is Portugal. Im reading the natural sciences programe at the equivalent to high school and i have completed the 1st year (out of 3). My greatest interests in science is organic chemistry and biology (especially molecular biology and botany). I also enjoy diving and social interactions with friends.

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Guest Joe Blue

Hi to everyone on SFN I have only just signed up but I have been visiting almost everyday for the last 6 months and just can't resist getting involved and sharing my thoughts and therories any longer


I am a bit of a Philosopher so no doubt I will be posting in the Philosophy Forum.


I look forward to having some very interesting debates


Joe :)

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I'm surprised how many posts there are here...


Mole's a nickname I was given at school... Can't say I Object.


Starting Uni In October (ChemEng) - lets hope I can pick up something useful.


Woohoo! another ChemEnger! welcome to the forums. your in for a hell of a good time(well if you went to my uni you would be, don't know what one your attending)

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