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The Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

Radical Edward

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Hello. I will answer the questions posted by another member.



>Degree/Education - Starting PhD student in Materials Science. Hold B.S. in Physis and have met the requirements for a B.S. in Mathematics.


>Area of science (studied and most likely to help) - Physics and Math


>Area of science in interest in addition to the already obtained/working-on degree (and most likely to help) - biotech/engineering...I don't really understand this question, I'm assuming it is asking the areas of interest outside formal education.


I am a non-traditional student (went back to school in my 20's.) I worked several jobs, opened a business, and ultimately hated my life. I hit the reset button and enrolled in a chemistry course at the local community college and quickly found out I had a talent for problem solving. I enjoyed challenging myself and that is what has gotten me this far.



I am the first in my immediate family to attend college.


I have learned just enough to know how little I really know.


Now I'm just trying to figure out where I am going with my career post-doc. I hear of so many disappointing salaries in the sciences, makes me wonder if I should diverge into industry. How many practicing researchers are here who are paid their worth (perhaps I should have chosen a different word here?)

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hello, I am an engineer and hereby a frustrated scientist, also ecoterrorist and lazy lad. Happy to meet you all interesting geek laboratory addicts crowd!


Hello Synthetic,

Pure science is like Art , you don't do it for money but for sheer joy because odds for recognition and money are 1 to 100. Look at how many of those guys have been surviving on frozen pizzas!!!

Beside, industry also requires crazy thinking dudes from time to time.





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Hello all, my name is Greg, and I too suffer from an addiction to science, especially Physics (particularly cosmology), evolution, and astronomy. I'm also something of a math geek, and a student of philosophy and history. I'm a java programmer by trade, I live in the Midwest (US), and I occasionally say Very Stupid ThingsTM. I am looking forward to learning more on these forums, and perhaps contributing a nugget or two of my own knowledge (or ignorance, depending on if what I say turns out to be right or wrong).

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I am [ Amateur -1] I am 65 years old and back in 2006 -2007 I went by Aphla-137.


Then I moved to working nights and stopped posting. I am now off for from a work


injury, and most likely I will retire the second time.


That is why I came back to discuss physics one of my hobby’s. As I said earlier I am


sixty five I could not remember that used Alpha-137 or my password. So I started back


as Amateur -1. If you look at broth profiles you can see I am one and the same, I was not


and am not trying to hide anything.




My Avatar is our family Ring.


Edward E. Kerls


My FCC Radio call sign;





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Hi! My name is Elizabeth Valentine. I am utterly fascinated with almost anything to do with physics, the stars or chemical reactions (a.k.a. explosions). Unfortunately, since Grade 9 science in Australia does not allow for such fun topics, I am sadly uninterested during my classes, and spend my time idly drawing pictures of topics which actually have a purpose.


Anyway, I am rather excited to be a new member of this forum, and look forward to meeting more people like me, who will embrace my intelligence as it is, rather than trying to cage it like the other students in my Grade.

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My name is Nina LaPiana, I am 21 years old and living in Gainesville, Florida. I grew up right next to the Kennedy Space Center and I am hoping to become an astrobiologist someday. Unfortunately, I am not as mathematically inclined as I am gifted in the arts. I am here to seek advice and advance my understanding of my future career, if I ever make it. Trying my best. Help me out, I'd sacrifice everything.

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Hello, I am Glossy and I found this site while trying to figure out why trees that are near water seem to always bend towards the water.

No... really.

I like studying the human mind and hope to one day get paid to do it.

gee... all those aspirations sound sort of silly now...

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My name is Rob, and, I like to party. Jk My name's John and I like science-ing. I eat a balanced diet of Ramen and cereal and I hope to be an engineer or video game designer one day. I'm also working on making Air Treks from the anime Air Gear so, if anyone wants to help, I'd love it!

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My name is Rob, and, I like to party. Jk My name's John and I like science-ing. I eat a balanced diet of Ramen and cereal and I hope to be an engineer or video game designer one day. I'm also working on making Air Treks from the anime Air Gear so, if anyone wants to help, I'd love it!


Don't get it: eating a balanced diet of Ramen and cereal ... will it help you to grow strong and understand the hard science??? :)

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Hi, everyone!

I am working on building a scientific community where members can work together to resolve scientific problems or conduct research and development and I know I can learn much from the forums on this site.




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hello im foofy, new to this interesting forum..i look forward to many discussions.


I have a machine shop and searching for a book on how to build hydrogen fuel cells


also I am holding the cure for opiates.




Tom Ranno

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Hi to all, especially Cap'n Refsmmat for the warm welcome.


By way of introduction, I'm not much at talking about myself. But it seems to me that SFN offers the possibility of excellent soft-ware and even better friends to help discuss and publish scientific articles. As to publishing: a wide range of readers can help to find typos, errors, improvements, etc. If they survive, such articles are then freely available on-line to all: and may be readily up-dated and discussed in associated forums. As an engineer, Einstein is my pin-up boy and Bell's theorem my current focus. Few realise that Bell, dissatisfied* with his theorem, hoped that a simple constructive model would resolve the issue satisfactorily.


Such a model exists,tongue.gif as will become clearer when I master the soft-ware here.laugh.gif Being a slow learner don't help.doh.gif The draft-article, classified as Speculative, is pitched at the level of under-grad mathshuh.gif and logic.wink.gif


Ciao, for now,


Gordon Watson smile.gif


* "... the explicit representation of quantum nonlocality [in 'the de Broglie-Bohm theory'] ... started a new wave of investigation in this area. Let us hope that these analyses also may one day be illuminated, perhaps harshly, by some simple constructive model. However that may be, long may Louis de Broglie continue to inspire those who suspect that what is proved by impossibility proofs is lack of imagination," (Bell 2004: 167).

"To those for whom nonlocality is anathema, Bell's Theorem finally spells the death of the hidden variables program.
But not for Bell. None of the no-hidden-variables theorems persuaded him that hidden variables were impossible," (Mermin 1993: 814).

(2004): Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics; 2nd edition. CUP, Cambridge.


Rev. Mod. Phys.
, 3, 803-815. Footnote #31: "Many people contend that Bell's Theorem demonstrates nonlocality independent of a hidden-variables program, but there is no general agreement about this."

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My name is Steve, I am an amature scientist and my areas of study are Microscropy, Ufology, amd the paranormal. I am into discussions and I am looking for a friend that is into science enough to email me all the time. So please hit me my email removed by Moderator

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