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Minimum triangle area

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A variable line through some point P(j, k) intersects the x and y axis at points X(a, 0) and Y(0, b). You are to find the minimum are of the triangle XOY.


After a few pages of scratch paper, I gave up and looked up the solution. I got as far as determining that the slope of the variable line would determine the area of the triangle so I used the 'point-slope' equation for the line.



What I don't understand is why is equating x and y to zero in the equation of the line valid? The way I thought about it is when x (or y) is zero, then the line would sort of shoot off to the right and create a line that goes through the Origin and the point P(j, k) which would be an invalid case for the triangle (not being a triangle at all).

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I thought the presenter explained quite well.


She said that you have Area as a function of two variables, x and y.


You can't differentiate this to find a minimum, so you introduce a second equation connecting ,x, y, and a single variable or parameter m.


This second equation is the equation of the line through the point 8,4.


Now we know the values of x or y for two other points on that line. That is when x=0 or y=0.


So we can substitute this (she did this at 3 mins 15 seconds) to find twio equations, one connecting only x and m and the other connecting only y and m.


Then you can substitute for x and y in the original equation obtaining an equation connecting only Area and m.


This you can differentiate to find a minimum.


Does this help?

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After this video u still need explation?????????????


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