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Can someone give me tricks in memorizing activity series of the elements or the solubility chart?



Or any simple tricks that is very interesting about science or maths that could help me in the futuresmile.png


I would be thankful if someone can give me any tricks.biggrin.png

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I might not leave this image up for long, so make a copy if you like it. I made it, it's not copyrighted, so feel free to alter it and/or repost it.


Note that these rules aren't always clear cut. My professor had some disagreements with the textbook.

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Leo is a lion at the zoo.


Leo goes ger (sounds like GRRRR as in growl)


loss of electrons is oxidation gain of electrons is reduction




Also, OIL RIG.


Oxidation Is Loss, Reduction Is Gain (of electrons)



I also find when trying to remember several big numbers, e.g. 1254, 1435, 8345.


Just reading them as twelve fifty-four, fourteen thirty-five and eighty-three forty-five


is a lot easier than,


one thousand two hundred and fifty-four etc.

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