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Would you get a one-way ticket to Mars?


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The ambitious project, Mars One (as I expect most of you know about) lead by the founder Bas Lansdorp plans to send humans to colonize Mars in the year 2023. It's a one-way ticket for them as the technology for a return vehicle isn't available yet. Even though I always dreamed of visiting our neighboring planet, I would have to take in consideration that I will never see my family and friends ever again. It's a daunting decision for me but a recent survey collected about 80'000 applicants that would be interested to permanently stay and explore on the unforgiving surface of Mars.



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During the late 18th and 19th centuries a British citizen could get the historical equivalent. A one way trip to a desolate colony located for all intents and perposes as far from home as geographically possible. Oh, and it wasn't voluntary either. arc

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From what I understand even those on that station in the sky occasionally get fractious with their crew members. So what would happen to the human mind on a trip to Mars, and the resultant landing on what appears to be a barren desert, I can't imagine.


I get bored and fractious if I stay in one room for more that a few hours. So what would happen stuck in a tin can for 6 months only to end up on a featureless landscape, would drive me mad.


I believe the idea of a one way trip was even suggested!!

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