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How can we get people off the grid for less than a thousand dollars?

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This is a small experiment I would like to conduct. I was told if you
can give a scientist a problem, they will always have an answer. No
matter how unrealistic.

I am here to ask all of you to ponder a practical and realistic way to
get people off of the power grid. The ideas expressed should not have
any selfish or greedy intent. I would like to think that as a community
of knowledgeable people a solution can be found to help all of humanity.

Anyways, I am not 100% sure how this experiment should work. All that I
know is that it is an experiment that could have a historical impact on
our world. Collective thought is an amazing thing.

I assume a good starting place would be brain storming ideas of how to generate or conserve electricity.

After there is no debate about which idea for generating and conserving
electricity is best, the ideas of how to make them the most sufficient
will be needed.

After discussing the ways to make this idea sufficiently generate and
collect energy we would need to learn how everyday people can integrate
it into their homes.

I am hoping that this discussion will bring forth 2 things. A cheap and
reliable source of energy to everyone who needs it. As well as reshaping
the way we think about online socializing networks.

Thank you to everyone who reads this. I appreciate any feedback, even if you think I am delusional.

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A 12V battery bank of 4 linked up to a basic power management system which is charged by photovoltaic sheets (solar panels), do you require a full house or simple appliances?? if your conservative you can get a fair amount of power and storage for £1k


Depending on climate certain technology would be best suited, if you have a local stream you can go hydro, consistent high wind go turbine, long hours of sun go solar and ovcourse if you have any local woods or oil you can generate electricity with a generator.


Theres a final method that i most enjoy but its practicalities are overbearing, essentially electricity is generated by some spinning mechanism, if you can dig far enough into the earth or are close to molten rock you can create a process that requires only initial setup costs by having the earth turn water into stream and then feed it back into the system.


Also its important to remember certain appliances drain power alot quicker than others, things like washing machines and dryers eat electricity like theres no tomorrow, compared to say a phone charger, radio or 5w < lights.


A final note, if your pooling cash then you'll have a better chance at obtaining off the grid status than if you go alone with £1k, the more you gather the better the bulk price on battery's and solar panels. Infact if you were able to get a whole town involved and push the price to 2-3k then i imagine you'd be almost totally self efficient.

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the only accurate answer is go back to the 1800's where the expectations of living was different.
the focal point is expectations of living.

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A big part of the problem is that the technology to reduce electrical consumption (while still enjoying its benefits) costs money up front that should be viewed as an investment with a certain payback period. Energy efficient appliances and lighting should be viewed on a cost-to-own basis rather than on a cost-to-buy basis.


LED lighting is currently extremely cheap to own, when you consider longer lifespan which means less maintenance costs, and less wattage to pay the utility company (or less load on an alternative energy source like solar or wind turbine).


Once you already have your low-consumption lighting and appliances in place, getting off the grid for $1000 is going to be a matter of location, imo. The best way to set up a really effective alternative power source is to pool the resources of several homes in a neighborhood. Individual home power generation is always going to be more expensive than a cooperative venture among a community segment. As DevilSolution mentions, it will cost the individual home less if you can get most of the town to dilute the costs.

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If we look at the world's human population, most of them don't have $1000 and most of them are already off-grid.


Problem solved.

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They will always have an answer. No matter how unrealistic.


I am here to ask all of you to ponder a practical and realistic way


Which would you like? The unrealistic answer or the realistic answer? You can't have both.



That said, the only realistic answer suitable for large scale has already been mentioned: Get people used to living like those in the 1800s did.


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