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Amino acid sequence inversion

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Is there a known genetic mechanism through which a given polypeptide can have its amino acid sequence inverted?

For example:

A DNA sequence is translated into the sequence:


-Mutation occurs-

Which leads to the production of:


The obvious problem is that an inversion will invert the codon sequences (ex. CUU GGA-> AGG UUC = LG-> RU). Is there any known mechanism in nature through it is possible to change something like "AAU UCU GAC" into "GAC UCU AAU"?

Furthermore, I've been running blast searches using inverted amino acid sequences of arbitrarily chosen proteins to see if I find any interesting matches, but haven't gotten any expect values lower than 1x10^-3. I've been doing this manually because I am not trained in bioinformatics - do any of you know where I could learn enough to make a program that will automatically go through inverted amino acid sequence blast searches and retrieve the matches with low expect values?


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Well, mutation, right?




Genetic inversion?


If I'm looking at this from a genetic standpoint, whereby the code is changed, thus leading to a changed protein, then the DNA was incorrectly setup during repair, generation, etc. For the protein to be transcribed, then the start codon would still need to be present.


In reference to a polypeptide being altered, protein degradation and repair comes to mind. However, if there was a mutation like such, I would assume that the repair mechanism is busted and that it will either be replaced quite quickly (thus making it hard to notice through bio-informatics search, I assume), or the organism/cell will die.


From the protein code you gave, I would think that the protein would not be functional.

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