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+20% life mana by injecting microglia and gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), inhibiting the activity of NF-kB, and suppressing IKK-β?

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I just thought I'd open this to a discussion about anybody who knows more details about the subject.


So I just found an article from a couple days ago that scientists have found a molecule in the brain that trigger aging.


Here is the link - http://www.nature.com/news/molecules-in-the-brain-trigger-ageing-1.


Here are some interesting excerpts from the article:


"Further tests suggested that NF-κB activity helps to determine when mice
display signs of ageing. Animals lived longer than normal when they
were injected with a substance that inhibited the activity of NF-κB in
immune cells called microglia in the hypothalamus. Mice that received a
substance to stimulate the activity of NF-κB died earlier."


"Treating middle-aged mice to suppress the production of IKK-β, an
enzyme that activates NF-κB, in microglia in the hypothalamus also
reduced age-related cognitive and physical declines. Suppressing IKK-β
in all areas of the brain increased median lifespan by 23% and maximum
lifespan by 20%.

The researchers report that NF-κB counteracts the effects
of a hormone called gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), reducing
brain-cell growth and shutting down the mice's reproductive systems.
Injecting mice with GnRH slowed down ageing and triggered the growth of
new brain cells. That suggests that inflammation and stress are an
evolutionary signal to the body to stop reproducing, which triggers the
start of the ageing process."






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There has been a lot of research on inflammation and stress. Furthermore, there are a multitude of factors that relate to brain aging. Estrogen is another one, which may explain why women live longer than men. As such, the reasoning would mean a man would take estrogen supplements... which might be more worthwhile if a guy is in his older years and no longer wants to reproduce.


Those experiments were on mice rather than humans or primates. Furthermore, it would take the right equipment to consistently inject drugs into one's brain... so, there are all kinds of problems with that.

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