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Could reality be a computer simulation?

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In Gamespot several posters brought up the idea that our reality could be a computer simulation.


Personally I think this idea is interesting and could maybe be related to general relativity, quantum gravity, loop qunatum gravity, superstring theory and M-theory.


I mean what the hell is consciousness and how do we even know that there is a world outside from what we sense and percieve. Are we even experiencing the whole of reality or only what our mind and it's limited capacity can make sense of?



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There is an argument that our reality is more likely to be a simulation than the real thing. It goes something like this. All intelligent and technological species will eventually reach the stage at which they can create simulated worlds. In fact very many simulated worlds of all sorts of variations. Some of the worlds will themselves contain technological species which will in turn create virtual realities and so on. So, the argument goes, there is s high probability that we unknowlingly exist in a simulated rather than real universe. I'm not saying I necessarily believe any of this. I'm just relaying the idea.

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Nah I don't buy it.


I think that people invent all sorts of crazy theories to help them cope with the idea that one day we'll going to die. It's probably just a coping mechanism that people invent to help them cope with their death and the loss of loved ones.


But one thing is really certain though. One day we are really all going to die.

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(1) You can write a program without knowing exactly what it will do when executed.

(2) The simulator may not be aware that we have immediate perceptions (qualia) of any kind at all, let alone pain.


My question for the physicists and/or metaphysicists is this: Could something that exists beyond time and causality simulate time and causality? If that just blew your mind, follow the link. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Causality

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Which brings me to my real question; why make a simulation that is so awful for so many?


In Counter-Strike for example you're living approximately 20-25 seconds when you're in "rush mode" (try to kill as many as you can with f.e. Uzi, and get killed).. wink.png

Maximum life time is 120 seconds (end of round).


"Normal life" is much "safer" in comparison with our own games..


Well, if we are part of a simulation, didn't the simulator program what we see, hear, and feel?



Simulator should program how particles interact with others, and press run. He doesn't have to worry about anything else. Even single molecule can be single identifier in computer memory - instead of storing info about hydrogen, another hydrogen, oxygen, and electron configuration of every particle, just store data of whole object f.e. 32 bit unsigned integer, telling it's "water". Until something happens like electrolysis program doesn't have to worry about internal of molecule. Saving computer time and memory.


You're looking from perspective that humans are final result of simulation. And simulation is just for us.

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Suppose you're right. Then you must be a genuine alien. As such, you can give valuable information to us mere simulated Earth people. Please provide this as soon as you can.

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all in all, this is nothing more than a matrix thought(the movie)



there is another guy on another forum who has a thought of 3d pixel universe,

same concept in a sense.

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