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CISPA cannot be passed


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Hello people of the internet, my friends, acquaintances, family members - Many of us love our country - and don't get me

wrong: Nice resources, Nice land, kind people, but however many are brainwashed by low grade propoganda.

What CISPA will do:

- Allow searches of databases and computers without warrants.

- Allow EVERYTHING you send to be put into a database; your secrets, card numbers, software

This bill is has been or is close to being passed at 10:54 PM April 18 Some sources claim this has passed the senate,

at this point even a presidential veto could be overridden.

WHo hates it?: "Microsoft and Facebook no longer support the legislation",

I know you have heard the conspiracy things over and over, but this cannot happen the internet will no longer be a haven

for developers, programmers, social networkers, all of us will be affected. Spread the word to keep the veto.

Even if the is not passed and has not been it WILL reoccur, no matter what DENY this bill spread awareness.
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