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Could I use 'Nicorette Quickmist' as an insecticide spray?

the guy

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I have been thinking of alternative ways of ridding my house-plants of aphids and it occurred to me that nicotine is a widely used insecticide. Having seen many of the stop-smoking nicotine mouth sprays 'Nicorette Quickmist' on sale in pharmacies, I began to wonder whether, in this form, it would make an effective insecticide mist spray.


Any advice/ thoughts on the matter would be welcome.





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CCTV is everywhere. You might even be attempting to mist one of their hidden cameras as we speak.


I've heard it raises the operating speed and increases electron flow in the camera, eventually leading to physical dependence, and camera withdrawal symptoms such as jerkiness of the panning motion and slow frame-rate if one stops spraying...

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Why spend money? Find a full ashtray, stew some fag ends in water for a while and spray that resulting concoction. Don't make it too strong because it might harm the plants. It will not smell very nice...to put it mildly. wink.png


A more pleasant alternative would be 6 tablespoons of dish soap in a gallon of water seems to be a common method amongst organic gardeners.

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Why spend money? Find a full ashtray, stew some fag ends in water for a while and spray that resulting concoction


The anticipation of the results is all there is with this method.


Nicotine is either no longer sold as a pesticide (regulated by the EPA) or is no longer permissible in certified organic agriculture.


I'll be honest as I have experimented a little with nicotine and its effects on plants and animals: it does practically nothing at least at levels that are not potentially intoxicating.


Nicotine or tobacco does not seem to have an effect on a healthy honey bee in the close environment, i.e. they are not bothered by cigar smoke. I don't think they smoke but if they did it would not kill them.


The most likely effective usage would be on earthworms. This would be in conjunction to other methods.


If you want a good pest deterrent:

a lime and a lemon

some oil ... I like soybean, olive oil is nice but can be so rich, whatever


put those in a blender with water


It's OK smelling but can be bitter.

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